Caribbean, as you imagine it, dream beaches, palm trees, solitary spots, color splendor, sleepy fishing village, turquoise clear water, 365 days of beautiful weather, storm-proof, delicious food, national parks, over 30 beaches and many more activities you can discover by car.

And there is more about Curacao. It is the high standard that you will find far from home here on the Caribbean island.

Drinking water, supermarket for shopping with all the products that the heart desires, medical facilities, a city colorful as a flower field directly at the sea with shops of all brands and price classes, bars, restaurants with live music and a wide range of local food from all around The globe.

Parties are here on the day's program, somewhere always dances someone.

Like every month at the famous Fullmoon Party at Kokomo Beach.


Best travel time to Curaçao?

 The average air temperature is between
26 ° C / 78 ℉ and 35 ° C / v95 ℉.

The water temperature is year-round between
26 ° C / 78 ℉ and 29 ° C / 84 ℉.

Being close to the equator, Curacao offers many hours of sunshine, tropical heat and relatively low rainfall. Fortunately, Curacao is not on the hurricane belt and is therefore considered safe from cyclones. It is a year-round attractive destination for diving, swimming, water sports and cultural holidays.