Equipement Central Dive

Our dive center is equipped with SEAC and TUSA equipment.

Buoyancy Control Device

We have 13 SEAC Smart BCDs in sizes XXS to XL, which are equipped with octopus and gauge holders. The weight pockets are integrated and can accommodate up to 12kg of lead depending on size. All buckles and fasteners can be individually adjusted in this BCD, which offers optimum wearing comfort above and below water.


Our 10 SEAC Synchro regulators with INT connection are equipped with Octopus, pressure gauge and inflator hose. All pressure gauges indicate the pressure in bar.The mouthpieces (large / small) can be adapted at no extra charge on site.

Shorty's & Longsuit SEAC

We have SEAC Ciao 2.5mm Shortys. For women, these are available in sizes XS to XL and for men from S to XXL.


Matching to the booties, the TUSA Liberator fins are available in our shop.


The TUSA boots are high cut and available from 36 to 48. They have a sturdy sole for easy and comfortable entry into the water, even on stony ground or hot sand.

Dive Computers Suunto

We rent out Suunto Zoop Novo dive computers. On request we explain what you can read on the display and where you can find your data from the various dives again to transfer them to your logbook.

Mask and snorkel TUSA

Mask and snorkel are from TUSA and provide an ideal fit for almost any face.


Our aluminum tanks are equipped with INT Sherwood valve. We offer 10 and 12 liter tanks, the 10 liter tanks are for children "pre-reserved" if we have junior divers. The tanks are filled to 200 bar, for Nitrox (32% O2) a reservation is necessary! 


Despite easy diving conditions and dive sites, a compass is an ideal signpost and can be hired from us. An explanation on site is possible, so that everyone finds the exit again.