Diving on Curaçao

Unique, very relaxed and just wonderful, these are our first diving feelings on Curaçao.  We dive at over 65 dive sites directly from the beach. The concept is simple: after checking in at the dive center we drive with our dive car to many different dive sites and show you the beauty of the underwater world. The qualified divers can dive on their own, they take their tanks with them and choose one of the 35 beaches available to them with the loaded rental car. From the beach you can go directly to the diving. No stress, no obligations, you can dive when and where you want. For snorkelers, many dive sites are recommended, where even non-divers can find their pleasure.

The Reef

The beaches are spilt on the West coast of the island. They offer an interesting sub-marine world very rich in different species. The coral reef is in parallel with the beach and for this reaches simplifies the navigation. There are not often important currents which enables the research and the photographies of „Macros“. But look all around you : an eagel ray, a tortorse, a cloud of barracudas and so many other species of fish might go along you.

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