Snake Bay / Playa Wachi

Snake Bay at Playa Wachi, Boca Sami

Slaagenbaai or Snake Bay, is located at Playa Wachi in the village of St. Michiel, locally known as Boca Sami. It has a small sandy beach and a pier that protects the small bay from the waves. The bay is mostly used by local people. It is a very nice location for a dive during day and night.

Swimming out from the beach you reach the drop-off in short time. Most of the time we swim on the surface till the drop-off but in case of heavy waves we go underwater as soon as we clear the pier. Till the drop-off there is a sandy plateau that gradually deepens till about 10-13 meters. From there the slope increases till around 45 degrees. The slope is densely covered by lots of coral and sponges.

Depending on the current you can go in both directions. My preference is going left (East) but also to the right the coral is beautiful. The only reason why I prefer the East side is because on the return leg of the dive there is more to see around 10 – 15 meters.

On the West side there is a sandy plateau from 13 meter up, so in case you have made a deep first part of the dive you have to swim high above the coral or above the less attractive plateau.

This place is well known for the coral spawning in September and October. During that time a lot of divers come here in the evening to watch the spawning.