General Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of application

1.1. The General Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Central Dive Curacao B.V. (CDC), apply to all contracts, agreements and purchases between customers (private or corporate) and CDC. No customer terms and conditions will be accepted unless agreed upon in writing.

2. Registration (for all customers)

2.1. Each customer must fill out his registration form (digital) himself/herself and sign it with the current date. 

2.2. Only customers who have completed a registration form will receive diving equipment, tanks and services offered by CDC.
2.3. A valid certification from a recognized diving organisation must be presented at registration. If CDC does not know the diving organisation, the certification level and diving organisation will be checked. Possible delays for verification cannot be held against CDC. Nitrox divers must also show the appropriate certification card to dive with Nitrox. 

2.4. CDC reserves the right (without justification) to not accept Certified Divers. 

2.5. The diver knows the limits of his/her training level and dives within them. The diving conditions are checked before each dive and adjusted accordingly to the dive.
2.6. CDC prohibits solo and decompression dives. Divers with appropriate certification are exempt. 

2.7. Snorkel customers are not required to have a certification.

3. Costs/Payment

3.1. Each customer accepts the price list by signing the registration. The price list is presented to each customer at the time of registration.

3.2. The price list is visible on the homepage of CDC and in the dive store. 

3.3. All prices are in US dollars and include value added tax (OB). 

3.4. The prices for tank and equipment are per day. The rented items must be returned on the same day during opening hours. In case of late return, the equipment will be charged at the daily rate until the return.

3.5. The costs are listed by CDC and can be viewed by the customer at any time.

3.6. All bills are to be paid before the dive, day, course. Accepted currencies are US Dollar (US$) or Antillean Guilder (NAF). For card payments (giro card or credit card) a surcharge of 5% will be added. A bank or postal transfer will only be accepted if booked in advance. Exception see point 5.2 Deposit for courses.

3.7. Cancellation of all bookings (diving activities and equipment rentals)
3.7.1. Up to 2 weeks before the start of the diving activities or equipment rental 100% is refunded (minus processing fees, see point 3.8)

3.7.2. Less than 2 weeks no refund.

3.7.3. If no dates have been agreed upon, the day of arrival on Curacao is valid.
3.7.4. No refund in case of illness, accident or own decision.

3.8. For refunds, a processing fee of 100US$ per transfer will be deducted, all transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

4. COVID-19 regulation

4.1. Cancellations due to the COVID-19 virus (illness, failure of the means of transport, political decisions, etc.) are at the expense of the customer.

4.2. Each client is responsible for obtaining travel insurance that covers the risks associated with COVID-19.
4.3. On request, CDC will issue an invoice for the insurance. With this invoice, the customer waives and loses all claims with CDC.

4.4. On request, CDC will issue a voucher on the payment made. Validity one year, for bookings up to max. 6 months after expiration of the voucher.

5. Training/Courses

5.1. CDC is a registered Scuba Schools International (hereafter SSI) diving school and trains according to their guidelines and standards. Only on explicit request, CDC also conducts PADI courses.

5.2. A deposit of 100US$ is required for all online courses. Only after payment is received customers will be registered and given access to the online course material. 

5.3. The instructor agrees to comply with all SSI standards during the course.
5.4. The student is obliged to follow the instructions of the instructor during all diving activities. Noncompliance will result in exclusion from the entire course, in which case there is no right to a refund of the course fees.

5.5. A certification can only be issued after all course requirements have been met. The instructor will check all exercises and decide if the performance requirements have been met.

5.6. All dates for training will be determined by CDC.

5.7. The student agrees to complete the self-study assigned by the instructor carefully and on time. The student prepares himself/herself adequately for the theory and practical lessons and commits himself/herself to be punctual for all appointments.

5.8. If the customer cannot finish a course (illness, accident, not ready, etc.) the costs will not be refunded. The customer will receive a referral letter if exercises have already been successfully completed, with which the course can be completed at an SSI diving center. CDC will not cover any costs incurred by the other dive center.

5.9. For courses, all questions about the state of health must be answered honestly and with “no” in the medical questionnaire. If the customer must answer “yes” to any question, a medical certificate must be presented that is not older than 2 years. In addition, all SSI guidelines and standards must be met.

6. Equipment

6.1. Care must be taken of all items rented and obtained from CDC. In case of improper handling, damage, loss and/or theft, the customer must bear all costs for repair or replacement.

6.2. If a customer fails to properly handle, clean, etc. the rented equipment, he/she may be excluded from all diving activities without any right to a refund.

6.3. CDC rents all equipment for diving activities. The customer is obliged to check all equipment for completeness and functionality before diving.

6.4. Problems with rented equipment must be reported immediately to CDC and may not be used for any further dives. CDC will provide replacement equipment as soon as possible. No claims can be made against CDC.

6.5. Own equipment must be professionally maintained and tested.

6.6. CDC is not a dive workshop and no maintenance or work is done on personal equipment.

7. Diving with children

7.1. Underage divers (from the age of 8 to and including 9 years of age)

7.1.1. May only participate in the Scuba Ranger course with a parent/guardian consent form.

7.1.2. At least one parent or guardian must be present during the entire course.

7.1.3. Besides the medical questionnaires, CDC also decides whether a child is suitable for diving.

7.2. Underage divers (from the age of 10 up to and including the age of 17)

7.2.1. May only participate in courses/dives with a parent/guardian consent form.

7.2.2. Besides the medical questionnaires, CDC also decides whether a child is suitable for diving.

8. Safety/environment

8.1. Safety

8.1.1. Each customer of CDC is responsible for his/her own safety.

8.1.2. Before each dive a buddy check is made and diving is done in the buddy system. For courses/guided dives the instructor decides the buddy teams.

8.1.3. Each diver dives in a sober state (no alcohol, residual alcohol, drugs, etc.). In case of violation, the person will be excluded from all activities with CDC without any right to reimbursement.

8.1.4. Medications may only be taken after consultation with a doctor. CDC would like to see a medical certificate for the respective medication, which is not older than 2 years.

8.2. Environment

8.2.1. Every diver respects the underwater world and the surface environment! Care is taken and no "souvenirs" (suchas shells, corals, skeleton parts, sand,etc.) are taken.

8.2.2. Underwater, pay attention to buoyancy and do not touch any living creatures (corals are also living creatures).

8.2.3. Startling, touching animals for photos, videos or similar is strictly prohibited.

8.2.4. In case of a violation of point 8.2.1 to 8.2.3, the person will be excluded from all activities with CDC without any right to reimbursement.

Please take note of the terms and conditions.

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