Diving into Sustainability: A Call to Action for Responsible Tourism in Curacao


We would like to introduce a topic for 2024 that is very important to us: Sustainability. 

As an operating diving center we daily take advantage of the ocean and its beauty. So to be able to share with you the beauty of our coral reefs also in the future, we need to take action. We already dedicate one day of our week to projects that help to protect our local environment but by far that is not sufficient.

The Challenge: Environmental Impacts

Curacao, like many other coastal destinations, faces a numerous of environmental challenges threatening its marine ecosystems. The invasion of lionfish, waste management issues, and the devastating effects of coral bleaching and other coral diseases are just a few of the pressing concerns. These issues, when left unaddressed, pose a serious threat to the durability our island's breathtaking coral reefs.

An Appeal for Sustainability

With the understanding that immediate action is necessary, we from Central Dive Curaçao have set our vision on sustainability as a guiding principle. We recognized that to be able to continue operating in this environment relies on proactive measures to combat environmental degradation. However, as a small team, our efforts alone are not enough. We want to imply proaction in our daily business/routine/workday

Your Role in Conservation

This is where you, the traveler, come into play. We want to give you an insight and want you to actively participate in the preservation of Curacao's marine life. By booking courses, you become an advocate for the cause, giving a voice to the urgent need for sustainable practices. The collective impact of numerous voices can amplify the message and, in turn, drive positive change. As the primary income source for Curacao is projected to be tourism in the coming years, travelers have the power to influence the industry's developement by making sustainable choices and supporting businesses committed to environmental stewardship, tourists can set the stage for a more responsible and eco-friendly future.

Taking Action Through Eco Courses

We would like to integrate Eco Courses into our daily operations. These courses offer tourists an opportunity not only to explore the wonders of the ocean but also to contribute directly to conservation efforts. Whether it's participating in clean-ups, treating corals, or joining lionfish hunting expeditions, every course purchased becomes a sponsorship for vital conservation work.

A Monthly Commitment to Change

Acknowledging that nobody is perfect and the world cannot be saved overnight, we will introduce a new environmental topic every month. By focusing on specific issues and actively addressing them, we hope to inspire to changes. The belief is that even small adjustments from each individual can collectively make a significant difference.

Saving Corals, One Booking at a Time

We like to emphasize the impact each traveler can make. For instance, a coral treatment day booked could save up to 30-50 corals that would otherwise perish within weeks. The same goes for a lionfish hunting day, where each participant contributes to the preservation of marine biodiversity.

Join the Dive for Change

So, on your next journey to Curacao, consider not just exploring its depths but also giving something back. Your participation in the Eco Courses ensures that we can continue the vital work, safeguarding the ocean for generations to come. Together, with every ripple of change, we can create a sea of difference.